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What Spring cleaning is all about is to thoroughly clean your home and prepare it for the warm sunny months ahead. Spring cleaning is designed to carefully and efficiently deep clean your home leaving it spotless and refreshed. Our Spring cleaning session is performed any time of the year and aims to clean every corner of your home until every room becomes fresh and spotlessly cleaned. Our professional cleaning company have been providing highest quality Spring Cleaning session for homes throughout Wapping for over ten years. We pride ourselves for always providing the best cleaning results for one the most reasonable prices.

Our Spring Cleaning session includes some heavy cleaning jobs which require much effort and professional knowledge in order to be completed successfully. The technicians we hire are highly skilled and with attention to detail. Attentive with their cleaning duties, they will give their best and in just a few hours you will have a spotlessly cleaned home. They will vacuum and mop floors as well as your upholstery; all surfaces will be dusted and wiped; decorations and fixtures will be wiped and dusted; all kitchen appliances will be degreased and polished; worktops will be cleaned; baths, toilets and showers will be descaled and polished; windows will be cleaned externally. Our cleaners will disinfect every corner of the rooms that could be breeding harmful bacteria and dust mites and will ensure hygienically clean and healthy environment for you and your loved ones.

Spring cleaning is usually initiated with the one cleaning throughout the year that prepares the property for the incoming warm and sunny months. However, it can be performed as a thorough cleaning session at any month throughout the year. Our Spring cleaning session is an hourly based service. Therefore, you have the freedom to choose how long you would like for it to last. You point out your cleaning priorities and the specific areas you want us to pay special attention to, we carry our the ultimate cleaning session for you!

You can contact us by email and phone and inquire about our combined booking offers, too. We give special discounts when you book an additional service with our Spring cleaning session.

What more do we offer:

  • Professional window cleaning (internally and externally) including window sills and frames.
  • Professional carpet cleaning. Steam cleaning session to sanitize and refresh the fabric of your worn off carpet.
  • Professional upholstery cleaning to deep clean and sanitize your sofas and armchairs while exterminating any dust mites, stains and bacteria.

Choose today the only Spring Cleaning that will thoroughly clean your home from top to bottom.

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