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It is pleasant to be welcomed in a fresh, clean and spotless home or office. Cleanliness has always been a highly appreciated quality which speaks a lot for the house/company owners. A typical household or office premises require professional carpet cleaning at least every 12 to 18 months depending on the quality of the carpet and its everyday usage. Our professional cleaning company performs high quality carpet steam cleaning for private homes and commercial premises throughout Wapping for more than ten years.

If you let your carpet become too dirty and unmaintaned, this could result not only on its short lifespan and quick worn off, but also on the general appearance of your home and office. We conduct professional carpet steam cleaning within the right amount of time to successfully improve the hygiene and quality of your carpet.

Professional steam cleaning is the only efficient cleaning process that could be classified as deep sanitized cleaning session. We use powerful and efficient equipment to extract the accumulated dirt, grime, stains and oils deep within the fibres of the carpet. Other conventional cleaning methods only lightly clean the carpet on its surface, whereas the professional carpet steam cleaning sanitizes the carpeting and removes even the smallest dirt and dust particles.

Because of its excellent capability professional carpet steam cleaning is the best known method for keeping your carpet in tip-top condition while at the same time upkeep the safe and sanitized environment of the carpeted premises. Hot steam extraction eliminates all the harmful bacteria, allergens and dust mites. This makes steam carpet cleaning a desired cleaning session for anyone who suffers from asthma and allergies.

Benefits for busy households:

Leaves the home premises spotless. Carpet cleaning is vital for maintaining a hygienic home environment as it contributes to a better air quality. It is especially advisable for households with children and pets as it removes the harmful bacteria, bugs and dust mites.

Benefits for offices:

The appearance of a business building is essential for the blooming of the company. The level of cleanliness determines the success of a business; therefore, it is important to maintain the common areas, which potential clients visit, spotless. Carpet cleaning will greatly contribute to the overall pleasing appearance of the business premises. What is more, it will create a safer more sanitized office environment for the employees. With our professional steam carpet cleaning, the number of airborne contaminants and harmful dust mites will be greatly reduced.

Our professional carpet cleaning will not only take care of your carpet but will also improve the overall hygiene of your home and office premises. Usually, the drying period after a carpet cleaning session takes only a couple of hours which causes no discomfort. What is more, if you need carpet cleaning performed in a precise time of the day, our service is flexible, and we would be happy tailor it to your household or office schedule.

To tell you more about our Carpet Cleaning process, our cleaning representatives are available by phone, live chat and email.

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