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Builders and renovators are renowned for leaving a terrible mess after they have finished their job. Excessive building materials, enormous amounts of dust and debris, paint splatters and plaster particles create the impression that your renewed place will never come back into top condition. We know that mess and disorder are quite stressful and hard to deal with. What is even more stressful is to have to deal with this alone as it is a time-consuming and demanding task. Not only it requires a lot of your time but it also demands professional high quality cleaning solutions and equipment which could be pricey.

Your best option when you want to get your renewed home spotlessly clean is to contact a professional cleaning company to tackle with the issue for you. Fortunately, our experience after builders cleaning operators in Wapping have the skills and specialist knowledge to clean up any building waste and make your home suitable for you to move back in.

Our professional after builders cleaners use heavy-duty methods, state-of-the-art tools and equipment to clean your renovated house from top to bottom. Our main focus is removing the excessive amounts of dust which often means using a different type of brushes, mops and attachments. We take pride in delivering detailed cleaning with several goes on surfaces, fixtures, furniture and fittings to remove dust completely. Our cleaning teams pay special attention to highly soiled areas. They will remove all the cement or plaster from the floor, and all the paint splashes from the skirting boards and tiles and leave your home in order and impeccable cleanliness.

We know that every property is different and specific areas of it require specific types of cleaning; however, we have created a general list of after builders cleaning services we follow to ensure highest quality cleaning results. Have in mind that we are able to tailor the after builders cleaning session to your specific requirements:

Living rooms, hallways, bedrooms and stairs thoroughly cleaned to eradicate the accumulated dust, dirt, debris, plaster, paint spots; thorough vacuuming and sanitizing with a mop.

Furniture, pictures, mirrors, door frames, skirting boards dusted and wiped, as well as outlets, lights and light switches.

Within the kitchen, all kitchen appliances dusted and polished. Cupboards and storage units cleaned both inside and out. All surfaces will be cleaned and dusted. Cleaned and dusted windows, doors, frames, sockets, light switches. We will also remove any protection foil, tape and packaging from the new kitchen appliances and fixtures. Floors will be vacuumed and sanitized with mop.

Within the bathroom sinks, toilets, baths and showers will be dusted and polished to sparkle along with all surfaces, lights, sockets, switches and mirrors. Sink taps, shower heads, doors, windows and door frames will be tackled too.

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